Food Bike anyone? With more vendors joining the new street food craze, bicycle food 'trucks' are slowly gaining ground in selling street food. We’ve all seen food trucks and trailers on farmers markets and events, often serving ice creams and other tasty morsels, but there’s a new foodie in town thats a real eye-catcher and is not harming the environment..

Cargo Bikes are the latest addition for street foodies to engage in the food business. These bicycles are custom built with specifications depending on culinary needs. A normal cargo bike looks like an ordinary bike but has huge BOX and wheels on each side of the carrier for balance, with different countries designing cargo bikes to their own specific needs. In Denmark, the bikes are used to transport children while in Germany, bicycles are still used to deliver the post. So using bikes is an eco-friendly sustainable means of serving food.

A food cart sells street food, like hot dog, popcorn and ice cream – something that is small enough to fit the bicycle’s container size. Vendors either sell ready-made goodies or can even perpare freshly-cooked treats right before your eyes with a built-in kitchen. With the popularity of this eco-friendly and creative mobile system, more and more businesses are able to work and earn even with the simplest kind of foods and treats that people will definitely love.

Cargo Bikes are definitely the food truck of this generation. Sustainable, eco-friendly and low on maintenance, food vendors are able to sell at lower costs and still make a profit. In addition, food bikes can be conveniently parked, unlike a food truck which needs a bigger parking space. Using a Cargo Bike Solution is a more economical way to start your own Street Food business. An eye catching way to develop business opportunities to hungry folk while doing something for the environment.


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